Son of Beast

at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, United States

Roller Coaster Information

General Information
Roller Coaster Son of Beast
Amusement Park Kings Island
Opened 2000
Status Razed
Manufacturer Roller Coaster Corporation of America
Designer Werner Stengel
Cost $30,000,000 USD
Track and Layout
Model Out and Back Roller Coaster
Track Type Wood
Layout Type Full Circuit
Launches & Lifts
  1. Chain Lift
Maximum Height 218 ft
Track Length 7,032 ft
Maximum Vertical Angle 57°
Top Speed 78 mph
Ride Time 2:20
Trains and Cars
Train Type Sit Down
Number of Trains 2
Cars per Train 6
Restraints Lap Bar
Hourly Capacity 1600 pph

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