at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, United States

Roller Coaster Information

General Information
Roller Coaster Maverick
Amusement Park Cedar Point
Opened May 26, 2007
Status Operating
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Designer Werner Stengel
Cost $21,000,000 USD
Track and Layout
Model LSM Launch Coaster
Track Type Steel
Layout Type Full Circuit
Launches & Lifts
  1. Linear Motor Launch at 21 mph
  2. Linear Motor Launch at 70 mph
Maximum Height 105 ft
Track Length 4,450 ft
Maximum Vertical Angle 95°
Top Speed 70 mph
Ride Time 2:30
Inversions 2
Trains and Cars
Train Type Sit Down
Number of Trains 6
Cars per Train 3
Seats per Car 4
Restraints Shoulder Harness

Point of View

More Information

First roller coaster to include a horseshoe-roll element, also the 500th roller coaster design produced by designer Werner Stengel.

Maverick originally included a third inversion, a heartline roll, but during testing concerns arose due to the added stress this element would put upon the trains and the riders. It was replaced with an S-curve.