Blitz Frost

uploaded in No Limits
Blitz Frost is a looping, shuttle roller coaster, it runs through a "U" shaped layout with and inversion and some airtime.

First, you are launched from the station at 85 mph, following the launch, you will ascend one of two 381 ft vertical spikes. Near the top of this first spike, you are given a tiny push towards the end of the track for an added bit of thrill. Once the train stops, you will then descend back down the spike, through the station, and into a 135 degree over-banked turn. After the turn you then experience a quick bit of airtime over a bunny-hop hill, and then go through the vertical loop (backwards). After the loop, you will ascend the second tower, being launched a little ways up the tower into some holding brakes. The brakes will stop you for a few seconds, and then release you back through the layout, and eventually back to the station to end your ride.