Kings Island Debuts the Longest Inverted Roller Coaster


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Banshee is Unleashed at Kings Island
Yesterday afternoon marked the beginning of the 2014 operating season at Kings Island, it also marked the opening of their latest attraction, Banshee.

Banshee is credited for being the longest inverted roller coaster on the planet, it has an overall track length of 4,124 feet, and a top speed of 68 mph which is just shy of Cedar Point's Wicked Twister which has a top speed of 72 mph making it the fastest inverted roller coaster.

Take a look at this video, posted by Theme Park Review, which show's this awesome new roller coaster in action!

Among other updates to the park, this year Flight Deck opened as The Bat, it received a fresh coat of orange (the track) and black (the supports) paint during the offseason.