Cedar Point Winter Chill Out 2014


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Cedar Point Winter Chill-Out 2014
I took an exciting trip out to The Point yesterday to see all that was going on during the offseason. The group saw plenty of fun an interesting exhibits during the tour. Among them, the maintenance facilities, the construction area for 2014's new attractions on the Gemini midway, also plenty coaster trains waiting to take their place back on the tracks!

We entered the park through the marina entrance, walking right by the Power Tower over to the maintenance building.

Past the water tower.

Also on our way, we discovered a lonely Maverick train car, just sitting in the lot by itself.

Once we got to the maintenance building, we some some of Millennium's train cars all stripped down.

Some of Millennium's wheels.

We saw Maverick too. According to our guide, these cars were being put back together, and you could tell because the bolts are shiny!

Maverick's seats and harnesses.

Next stop on our tour, Top Thrill Dragster.

On our way, we went by the Matterhorn.

We were able to take some pictures of the launch track and tower.

Hey, there isn't a wait, but there aren't any trains either.

One of my favorite shots of the Dragster.

Next up, Gemini midway, but first, the Witches Wheel.

Here it is, new in 2014, Pipe Scream! Well almost, the station platform and some footers are there at least.

....and Lake Erie Eagles!

Here's more of the Pipe Scream construction site, plus a half repainted Jr. Gemini/Wilderness Run.

Cannot forget about Gemini. Just to the left of this picture is where the new SlingShot will be located.

It's Maverick, still my favorite ride at the park.

We walked down the Frontier Trail, past some of the best air-time in the park.

What a picture-perfect lift hill.

I get the feeling this car was left here just for us. But, we still couldn't touch it.

One final shot to end the tour.