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Top Coasters is geared towards those with an interest in roller coasters and amusement parks. It is somewhat of a "social network". There is no charge to use Top Coasters, we just require that if you create an account, you are at least 13 years old.

You should avoid doing any of the following, because if you break these terms, you will probably be banned!
  • Breaking any U.S. Law (List of Laws for the United States)
  • Spamming, trolling or anything else that interrupts/disturbs the community.
  • Advertising anything not related to Top Coasters, roller coasters and/or amusement parks.
  • Display this website within a frame
We don't intend for you to memorize every single law that exists in the United States, we just expect that you act responsibly, and use common sense. If you do that, you should be just fine!

Privacy Policy

Top Coasters will not distribute your information (email address, password, birth date, ect.) which you submit, for any reason, unless you give us permission to. Please be aware that by updating your profile information, all of that information which you add is automatically displayed in your public profile.